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WTF... what day is this again???

So I opened this morning! Thus I am not a happy camper... 6:00 am is not my friend! I was wide awake till first break then I got cold... so I noticed a lovely blk starter plushie jacket for 10 bucks. I snatched it up and wore it till noonish...


I work tomorrow somewhat my normal shift... I go in a hour eariler and stay an hour later... Its CSD so I dont mind, if I acutally get to work it?? It was said today that Jess is moving to another department starting Saturday so I asked Heather if there was going to be a opening at CSD? She said yes and told be make sure that my portal was set to CSD as a current goal and not a future and I told her that it was. She nodded and said ask again in a couple of days...

I dislike Heather so I will double check with Tammy and Scott in between days!

So work started out slow but nice.... customers were decent and polite for a change then my second break came and went and all hell broke loose. I ended up on smoke shop which annoys the hell out of me and usually gets me in trouble, the line is past soft lines and jewelery and the customers are turning into demons from hell and the two times a need a CSM none deicede to come and see what I need. Good thing wasnt been robbed or anything. Anyways I saw Brittany walking around looking annoyed and frustrated then its time for me to go home and I find Jason who tells me to hold on and then tells me that Brittany just walked out.

I adore Jason but that was so not my problem, I was scheduled off at 3 and it was going on 10 after. Normally I wouldnt mind staying over in a situation like that but I was getting the third degree from my customers and I wanted out before I said something bad. So I corncered Andrew in taking over for me.


Been daydreaming alot lately... the itch to write is there as well.. but I dont know who to write? I am still a big Naruto fan... I adore the Naruto and Sakura paring more now... Sasuke and Hinata... and Ino with Itachi...

I want to write, I want to chat with ane-chan... I want alot of different things but for now I am still and restless.


I almost forgot about this and everything else in life... But now I am thinking and I see the men with the tight white coats coming after me. It's maddening to say the least but my past is ever haunting and that alone scares me ....

I have grown so much and lost everything that I am not sure what's left?

They say the change is hard and unforgiving but baby so am I...

All it takes is one smile or one kiss and I am back at your knees....

It's been years and my heart is lonely and I want to tell you what I couldn't back then! You scared me shitless... You were everything I wanted and didn't even know it, but you were to honest and to beautiful.

Now in my old age I seen you and love you even more... More now that I am not scared.


Something that came to me as I was thinking about my past plus of writing again?


Here I go

Here I go again...

Its been awhile since I have post. Partly because I have been thinking about Foxxy andf I havent had the time to post. However now that I dont have a job I might post more and post some graphic over on paintedlullaby

I have some bases saved and I have wanted to attempt some icons for them but we will see. My willpower comes and gos.

So anyone else still around?


Skip Beat Fanfiction

If I might suggest a author in the Skip Beat anime..

Please check out leavesfallingup! She is awesome!

I am so enjoying her fiction titled My Important Man

As always if you read take a moment to review!


Here I am...

So yeah I plum forgot poor little livejournal...

But the sudden need to make icons hit me fast then I found a trail download for psp 13 so now I am waiting for it to try it out.

Hey kitsanken you should be able for an upgrade if you decide to buy psp 13 since you got psp 11 from the website, right?

Anyways I am and yahoo is turned on if anyone wants to chat???


saturday nights spell boredem!

After working for four days of hard and long ass hours I get a day off from work tomorrow. So tonight I am just chilling at the computer drinking a whiskey and cola or down stairs watching my brother play call to duty 2.

I feel bad cause my oldest nephew is in a clan with this one other guy and my brother dislikes him with a passion. So I accidently lead my brother in a verison of the game with the two of them.

So I decided to come back up stairs...

Anways I am bored and drinking slightly... hit me up on yahoo if you want?


winterly cold

Baby its cold outside and I am cold-- but keep the snow coming cause baby I love to watch it fall.

though my feet are froze and my broken toes are aching something aweful.


Yahoo Change

For those who have me added on yahoo please update to my new screen name...


Its time for a make over baby!!!


Step lightly

Well I might have found my way back from whatever hole I dropped myself into? Christmas I think put me back into somekind spirit. Sad though cause now I only have three days left of my christmas vacation.

I am sorry if I worried anyone- life just sort of blanded out for me for a while. All I did was sleep and work. Then slowly I got moving again - I started to play second life again and now I think I might be on the path of recovery?

Anyways I am around if you want me?


All in all

I am not sure where to begin? Work is slowing down - to the point where they are sending cashiers home before their shifts. I dislike that, my paychecks have been reasonable since I have been killing myself in working 70 hours (by-weekly, which I shuouldnt say anything cause I know for by-weekly pay it should be for 80 hours)however I had missed a Firday ago and it was reflected in this paycheck. It cost me about 50 to 70 bucks in differnces.

But other than that work is about to change back to our winter hours so the coworkers hours are going to be cut even futher. Which makes me even more nervouse.

Personal life aint much better - I had to go see my oby today cause Sunday while in the shower I was doing my monthly self breast exam and felt a lump on my left breast. So I went to get it checked out by the doctor and was told that strangly enough that I have a tore muscle under my left arm. So he gave a number to a sugeryen.


So yeah my life has been interesting lately. I have also came to love the anime Skip Beat but am disappointed on how the anime ended. I find it hard to get into the manga of it.

Anyway it's been a weird week.