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To dream of a person you would like to be

is to waste the person you are

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I am myuniquestyle - a 30 something Amercian female that’s opinionated, emotional, selective smart, is described as a funny yet dependable friend. I adore animals - mainly cats and my family and friends. I enjoy sleeping, chatting, laughing, hot showers, praises my family and friends, 7 Up. I am easy to please and to befriend; I simplify in nature and am captived by its beauty. I dislike regrets, idiots, liars, the colors pink and brown. I belive in karma and that life is would you make of it.

I am usually happy and likes to ramble about most fan fiction and anime. I find pleasure in reading the Stephen King’s series The Dark Tower along with Stephanie Meyers Twilight series. I am I look forward to my chats with my Ane-chan who knows my thoughts before I know them.

If I sound interesting and you would like to add me please feel free to do so - my journal is open!

|.| i n t e r e s t s
graphic making. stephen king's the dark tower series. harry potter. twilight. cats. jewelery making. anime. fanfiction. writing. sleeping. csi. hauntings.

|.| f a n d o m s
07 ghost. pandora hearts. harry potter. twilight. naurto. ghost hunt. bleach. 07 ghost. vampire knight. full metal alchemist. ouran high school host club. hellsing. dnangel. gravitation. rurouni kenshin. ronin warroiors. macross frontier. fushigi yugi: genbu kaiden. chrno crusade. howls moving castle. prince of tennis. fruits basket. darker than black. trigun. plus much much more!